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              Satisfied Parent          6/17/2010

After touring other facilities in Chico, this preschool is by far the best one I have seen to date. The first thing I noted when entering the building was the cleanliness of the school. Floors and tables were shiny and clean, windows sparkled, and the bathroom was kept tidy and clean considering the amount of traffic it gets in one day. I was relieved to observe this after touring other school's and the amount of filth I saw at some of these facilities. I appreciate a clean environment for my child. Staff is friendly and professional and communicate to parents in an effective manner. The kids do not sit and watch TV all day long or just play outside. They follow a curriculum with a different theme each week, letter, number, shape, and color. Overall, I am very happy with our family's experience with this school.

HappyandHealthy        7/17/2009

Great place to send your kids! Staff is very friendly and tentative to parents as well as children's needs. The kids always seem happy and learn a lot. Great curriculum program that truly prepares children for higher learning. Children get music as well as Spanish lessons at least two times a week. Lunch and snacks are nutritious and still fun for the kids to eat. All around great facility and would encourage anyone to take a tour and enroll their children!

 Nathan T        7/14/2009

I love this preschool! They do a lot of extra activities that my kids love (like swimming lessons, gymnastics, field trips to the movies & theater productions). I also love how they are the only facility I have seen that has all of the kids brush their teeth after lunch. They are very accommodating to each kids special needs. They are a Christian center, so they sing some Christian songs but they are not "over the top" with the religion aspect.

They do have an "age appropriate" movie going in the free play room on Fridays, but they don't sit all the kids down just to watch a movie. They still have the free play area open to other activities, as well have their learning and craft stations that the kids go do. The movie is just an extra treat on Fridays.

We moved both of our kids to this facility about 6 months ago(age 3 & 4) and we are much happier with this facility than we were at the previous two.

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